Tuesday, June 29, 2010

To tile or paint?

Hopefully we'll get to start on my bathroom next week (when the ball games are wrapping up for the summer season). I'm pretty good at visualizing a room as I want it to be, not as it is (or in the case hasn't even been constructed yet).
But I'll admit I'm having issues deciding what to do in my bathroom and the guest bathroom. I think my biggest problem is that currently I change my bathroom about every 4-5 months - have to admit, it's the cheapest room in the house to redecorate. My two bathrooms will only be about 9x6 so my options on placement of tub, toilet and vanity are a bit limited and I'm not sure I want to mess with tile. But of course if I do want to do tile, it'll be so much easier doing it before the other stuff is put in there....decisions, decisions.
I think I'd possibly like to use slate in the guest bathroom or a grey toned glass tile mosaic, both are shown below. I'm using the existing tub that was present when I purchased the house. Question is what to do to enclose it for a shower??? Tile or a tub/shower fiberglass style enclosure......

.....I'm thinking this will be the sink/vanity in the guest bathroom. The slate tile would look great with this - don't you think?

My only concern is that it will be too dark for such a small space. I'd thought about painting the walls a pale yellow and only using the tile around the tub and maybe some type of back splash for the vanity.

I have an addiction to the look of metal right now and found this tile below. It's a combination of glass, natural stone and polished metal. I think either the copper or the darker pattern with pewter would also go great with the vanity.

And if I paint the walls yellow these tiles would look great. I love the tile pattern with the different sizes & shades of browns. Of course the black vanity will still look great in there!

Or a white one like this will also look great with the walls painted a pale yellow or light tan.

This just looks like a bathroom that belongs in a country home.....don't you think? I'm not all that hip for the tile though and both bathrooms already have oak hardwood flooring that will stay put. But I love the wainscoting in the bathroom.

Love the teal/turquoise tile wall but does this look like it goes in a country home?

This tile could be used for a similar look - just worried that in a few years I won't be as hip to brown & blue combo and then what? Replace the tile? And how will I decorate the bathroom at Christmas if it's blue & brown? I know it can be done - just involves a little more effort in finding just the right accessories to color coordinate with the tile.
While I'm using the existing tub for the guest bathroom, do I want to get a tub for my bathroom or just do the ever popular tile shower stall? I haven't taken a 'bath' in years so do I really need a bathtub? I can always use the guest bathroom if I so desire and/or find the time to soak in a hot tub. Next issue is that I love shower curtains. Will a shower curtain look stupid on the custom tile shower stalls?
Oh the decisions......

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