Sunday, April 19, 2009

Congrats to Cousins

Very special congratulations to Jeff and Mary on the arrival of their son
Benjamin Martin Patchett
I stole the pic below from their blog.....he sure looks a lot like his father but we won't hold that against him, he's still a cutie! He entered the world on Easter morning.

Another cousin has started a blog (YAHHHHH) and got her first post up today.
Check out Heather's blog and show some love. She's starting a photography business in Virginia, I'm thinking PF Photography needs to branch out to other states....then when she moves back to SoIL she won't have to change her business name and we can kick some major photo butt together. We already have the same camera and can share equipment/lenses, I think the flamingo founder would get a real kick out of that.

I posted a few pictures from Lindsey's bridal shower today on my decorating blog. It was upstairs in the Sesser Opera House and catered by Dyel's catering (delicious of course). My only job was to decorate the tables.

I gave her a thin canvas print from their engagement photo session last weekend. Love the thin canvas prints. They're only about 1/4 inch wide and have foam blocks on the back for mounting them to a wall which makes it stand out about an inch from the wall.

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the way they look hung.

I just watched Desperate Housewife's and got a little teary eyed at the end. I somewhat knew what was going to happen but it still got me a little choked up. Now I'm watching In Plain Sight, super excited it's finally back on. Caught up with an old friend from the McDonald's day a few minutes ago on FaceBook - be sure to look me up if you have an account.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Ribs and the weekend

I went to eat at Chili's last night with some friends and got the same thing I always get there - chipolte ribs, loaded potato's and rita's!! LOVE them. Hungry right now, hmmm Mt.Vernon isn't that far.....

I finally did my TAXES yesterday and as expected getting a nice little check/deposit from the US government. I never doubted that I'd get a refund (I play with my withholding to make sure of it in fact), I don't know why I've put off doing them for so long this year - it wasn't even painful - a little time consuming with my three side businesses but not painful.
I finished most of the photo edits from my cousin's shoot yesterday. Posted them on my PhotoBlog if you haven't seen them yet. Today I need to make a disk for my Aunt to take to their house (Jeff & Mary's) Sunday. We're hoping to hear any time now that she's (Mary) gone into labor and their new little boy is en route - no word yet though.

My first load of laundry is in the washer, I've watched Survivor from last night - can't wait until next week when they'll get to vote (anxious to see which plot attempt works), caught up on most of my blog reads, bought a few new cartridges for my Cricut (they're on sale, most just $30 - check them out), baked two packages of the Easter egg sugar cookies by Nestle for Johnathon, Matt, Katie to decorate later - Mom's watching them later today. I have one more wedding quote to finalize, things to purchase for the shower next weekend and grad party and the upcoming weddings. Two photo sessions tomorrow, it's suppose to be close to 60 tomorrow so I'm hoping to do some outside pics. I need to design the graduation invitation in photoshop and my cousin's wedding invitation next week also.

I must find time to clean sometime in the next 36 hour period, it's time to 'make-over' my bathroom with a new look and would love, love, love to find a few hours to spend in the basement scrapping....not looking like that's going to happen but I'm not giving up on it entirely just yet either. I'm making grandma's potato salad for Easter Sunday to go with the ham and that should wrap up my weekend!
If I don't find time to get back on here.....HAPPY EASTER!!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Movie Review - Twilight

I finally broke down and watched the Twilight movie. You'll remember from this post that I loved the four-book saga. While I was pleasantly surprised that the books weren't necessarily 'tween' and truly enjoyed reading them, the movie on the other hand was definitely geared toward a younger crowd. I was personally disappointed in the movie, there were so many aspects of it that just didn't fit the 'picture' I'd formed in my mind of how things looked/happened in the book. If I were 25-30 years younger I probably would have loved the movie, but as an adult who's read the book the movie was just okay. I'd only give it at most a B-. That being said, I quite often have the same reaction to most movie's which I've read the book first.

We also watched the Disney movie Bolt - loved it. One of Disney's best for sometime now. My 6&7 year old niece & nephew had trouble understanding the plot and when he (Bolt) was 'acting' and when it was 'real-life', but the 11 year old nephew and I laughed the whole way through.

On a side note, I just put in the latest James Bond movie Quantum of Solace to occupy my time as I edit pictures and I'm pretty sure my DVD player just died. It made a loud humming and vibrating noise - the movie still played but you couldn't hear it for the noise coming from the DVD player itself. I've had it for at least 10 years now which seems to be a long time for electronics these days. Why is it they seem to be disposable, only lasting for a few years?