Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Diet, ugh

Let me start by saying, WOW I can't believe it's been 7 months since I blogged.  Holy cow, where does time go?

Now onto my reason for writing.
Last fall, I was having some dieting success and lost around 25 pounds.  Yay for me!  Then came Thanksgiving and Christmas.....knowing I wouldn't stick to a diet and would get upset with myself when I cheated I decided to stop dieting through the holidays (maybe not the best plan).  Along came January & February and I met myself coming and going with basketball games, year-end reconciliation (I'm an accountant), starting up the books on a new year and photo sessions on the weekends.  In that time frame, I discovered that pancakes were really easy and quick to fix on weeknights - you can see where this is going by now I'm sure.

This past weekend I put on a pair of pants that didn't use to be quite so snug.  Sunday morning I stepped on the scale for the first time in a few months.  Wasn't a pretty sight.  So when I got to work Monday I decided to sign up for Weight Watchers online.  I think I'll like it once I get use to how many points there are in the basic items I tend to eat most days and get into a structure.

The hardest part so far is the reduction in coffee.  I like mine sweet & creamy, my standard mug of coffee accounted for way too many points to have more than 1 a day.  I typically have 3 a day, sometimes 4.  I love the taste of the coffee and my head is telling me it misses the caffeine.  I know in time my body will adjust, just hope it happens sooner than later.

My next step will be to go to bed earlier so I can get up in the morning and use one of the many workout programs I have at my house before I get ready for work.  I have an end goal weight in mind and a planned reward for reaching it.  I do like that Weight Watchers sets small goals for you to begin, keeps the task more reasonable.

I emptied my fridge and plan to head to the grocery store tonight after work to get some healthier options to fill it.  I also ordered several items from Schwan's today.  Hoping the salmon burgers are good and I love their micro steam vegetables (green beans, carrots & broccoli are all great).  I realize I should pitch the big bag of pancake mix and syrup, but don't see that happening just yet!

And there it is, hopefully by making it public I'll feel more motivated to actually stick to the diet and begin an exercise program.  My intent is to document my progress along the way!