Monday, June 29, 2009

On Strike!

I went outside to move my car from the middle of the driveway where I stopped when we finally arrived home late last night to the place I normally park it only to find out it's on STRIKE today and absolutely refuses to go anywhere. After being pack to the rim for a week and 2235 miles driven it wants a day off - so I'm going to give in and let it rest for a day!

Instead of running a few errands as I'd planned to do, I'm going to get some things done here at home. Laundry will be the first order of business and is already underway. I attempted to download some of the pics from this past week this morning only to realize that I'm out of hard drive space on my computer - if it's not one thing it's another with this thing, seriously.

So I'm doing some maintenance work that I should have been keeping up with all along.....copying files to disks so I can get them off the hard drive and backing them up to an external hard drive at the same time. Once that's done I need to complete an engagement session edit from before vacation, 5k Fun Walk/Run pictures, vacation pictures, and Lindsey & Ben's wedding pics. Oh and at some point in time complete all of the basketball and baseball pictures. Plus I need to get them on my blog for everyone to see - I know I'm such a slacker!

For those who didn't get my mobile uploads (taken on my new blackberry which I LOVE), here is a sneak peek of vacation.....Dinsey Animal Kingdom picture of Matt, Katie, Brittany & Johnathon after the face painting - acting like tigers. Sorry I didn't get to blog on vacation, just didn't have time (or energy after loooooong days spent running around)
I need to wash, dry, fold and put away 3-4 loads of laundry and put away everything we took on vacation - my vehicle and the van were packed FULL. It's almost noon and I need to have everything done before 6:30pm so I can get to Matt's baseball tournament tonight..........think I'll get everything done? hehe I don't! Hope everyone has a wonderful week, mine will be busy. Thank goodness we get Friday off!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

on the road

This is my first mobile upload!! I got a blackberry yesterday. We're in route 2 Florida and have stopped south of Macon about 150 miles from the FL border. Kids r in the pool then we're going 2 eat dinner, watch a little tv and hit the sack. Haven't figure out how 2 do pics on the phone and upload them....sorry

Friday, June 19, 2009

Getting ready to leave work and head home to pack my car up with the items required for a wedding next weekend which I'm providing the decorating supplies for but I won't be here to physically decorate myself.

Then I'm headed to my friends house to help with last minute Sesser Homecoming 5K Fun Walk, Run preparation/car packing. Then I'll be headed home to start packing for the big Florida trip. We'll be heading out early Sunday morning and driving the somewhere in the southern end of Georgia. Monday morning we'll get up and drive the rest of the way into Florida, stopping by the Daytona Raceway before landing in Orlando. Tuesday and Wednesday we'll be spending quality time with 'The Mouse'. Thursday we plan to drive over to Venice to visit my aunt's and take the kids to see "Pop's Beach" (Venice beach that my great grandfather visited on a daily basis when he was living).

Friday we'll drive over to Destin for my cousin's wedding Saturday night and then we'll be heading home. While in Destin we hope to hit the Eglin Air Force Base so Dad can show the grandkids the plane he flew on in the Air Force and visit a local go cart track, any remaining time will be on the beach.

We'll be non-stop on the go, but with an 11, 8, 7, and 6 year old down time leads quickly to bored doom - can't have that. Will have a computer with us so hopefully I'll get a chance to post some pics as we go - hopefully!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Longaberger One Day Sale-Chili Bowl

Wednesday, June 17th ONLY

This Wednesday ONLY, July 17th you can purchase the chili pottery bowl at a great discounted price - only $10 each. These are available in ivory, cornflower (blue), paprika (dark pinkish/red), butternut (yellow), ebony (black), sage (green) or tomato (red).
These bowls hold 2 cups which is a great size for cereal, dumplins, soup, chili or ice cream!!
I own a couple of these (will own a couple more tomorrow) and absolutely love them - I love the handle, which allows me to easily carry around my Honey Nut Cheerios at night.
You can purchase these on my Longaberger Site or call me (618-218-4031)
and place an order direct!

Sunday, June 14, 2009


I've basically been without a home computer for almost 2 weeks. My computer started doing weird things and giving me all kinds of error messages forcing a restart every 5 minutes or so. Not being 'computer illiterate' I started running my own diagnosis and attempting to fix the problem(s) with windows (operating system problem none the less - just wonderful).

Well I failed and the more time I worked on it unsuccessfully the more agitated I became. So I broke down, admitted defeat and took it to the computer guru. Who by the way also couldn't 'fix' the problem. He ended up and wiped my hard drive CLEAN and re-installed windows XP. I'm not afraid of my computer and will attempt to make it do what ever I want it to do, but getting a computer with absolutely no programs installed is a little overwhelming due to the sheer volume of programs I load up on it.

I've spent the better part of the last couple of days doing nothing I wanted - looking for program disks, re-installing programs, looking for passwords that I had preloaded, trying to find the websites of programs I purchased digital downloads and installing new drivers. I purchased my computer with Vista on it - hated Vista and loaded XP pro over it. Well, my HP was built with all drivers for Vista and some (way tooooo many) don't work with earlier versions of Windows.

It's just been loads of fun, you should try it sometime!