About Me

So, a few things about me that you may or may not know.....

1. I'm an accountant by day (controller of a local plastic manufacturing company)
2. I love to scrapbook when I can find the time
3. Nikon girl all the way
4. I think photography is an art and hope to be half as good as a few of my idols some day
5. I hate salt with a passion
6. I love NCIS, Bones, & Survivor
7. The only food I've found that I don't like is beets
8. I love to design and decorate the home
9. I've come to the realization that I'm a collector (won't go into that right now)
10. I decorate weddings and parties, check my decorating blog
11. I'm the eldest of three, I have two younger brothers
12. I finally bought a house (just in case you're late in reading the blog!)
13. I tend to buy movies instead of renting them because I forget to return them on time
14. I enjoy reading a good mystery novel
15. My Photography business name PF stands for Pink Flamingo
16. I was born with only 3 wisdom teeth
17. I love driving a Jeep, Wrangler that is
18. I have a great family that will do anything for me and vice versa
19. I enjoy crocheting in the winter months, get too hot with the yarn touching me in the summer
20. I'm extremely hot natured, 65 degrees is my ideal temp
21. I love the smell of a wood burner in the fall
22. Person I wish I'd had a chance to meet is my mother's father, Wayne Shurtz
23. Families feuding over money is a waste of time that you'll never get back
24. I'm a Longaberger collecter independent sales rep, give me a holler if you need/want something
25. I was surprised when I fell in love with the Twilight saga books
26. I love the color red
27. I need at least a month off from work to truly ever get 'caught-up'
28. I'm not a fan out the great outdoors during the summer months - heat, bugs, sweat....no thanks
29. I love to cook
30. I'm awful at using gift cards, always remember when I get home that I had it in my purse
31. I'm not good at admitting defeat
32. I love antiques (especially those that have meaning to me)
33. I'm not very good at saying "I'm sorry, I just don't have time"
34. I have two nephews and two nieces
35. I loved working at McDonalds in high school/college
36. I was blessed with wonderful grandparents
37. I'm terrible at cooking for one or two and always have leftovers
38. I'm addicted to Farmville
39. Both my father and mother's immediate families are over 100 (from my grandparents down)
40. Potatoes are the most perfect food God ever made
41. My finger nails grow way too fast, I'm weird I can't stand long nails - they get in the way
42. I'm not a fan of sand, gets everywhere
43. A state I've never been to but would love to visit - Washington or Maine
44. Favorite number = 7
45. Number of hours of sleep I get at night, about 6 max
46. I have awful allergies
47. I want to have laser eye correction surgery
48. I can't stand being around cigarette smoke
49. If I forget my watch, I'll either have to go home and get it or buy a new one (drive me nuts not having it)
50. I love puzzles (at least 1000 pieces)
51. I love Mason jars and believe you can use them for almost anything!
52. I have painted toe nails all summer long
53. I played the flute and piccolo in school and still own both
54. I worked the midnight shift at a 24-hour grocery store one summer in New Jersery
55. I can still do my backflip
56. I enjoy burning candles but am rather particular about the scent (allergies)
57. I have an obsession with old red barns - love them!
58. I love a good cup of coffee any time of day or night
59. I sleep best on a cool, rainy night
60. I love, love, love snow (especially when I don't have to drive anywhere)
61. I hate to be late and if you're not there 15 minutes early - you're LATE!
62. Flowers that begin with the letter "L" give my allergies the most trouble (lilac, lilies, lavendar)
63. I'm not hip on orange flavored drinks.
64. I can't use most scented lotions/bath wash products (Bath & Body Works) - once again - allergies!
65. Dogs names over the years - Tux, Skippy, Blue, Nikki, Bobbie, Stewart, Spencer & Gator