Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Katie - Softball

Katie's play-off game, unfortunatley they lost but I got some good pics of her. She played 1st base for the entire game. In the last couple of inning she was quite bored....and it showed!
getting to the base first
she and the first base runner doing a little synchronized dance

racing to 1st base with a ball she caught

hmmmm....I wonder what's on tv right now?

still bored with the game, filling up the checks with air....

.....and pushing all the air out!

Sesser is in the Redbirds Rookies program, so at the end of each game the coach reads a book to them. Katie's front and center for this book. If the team "reads" it's quota of books by the end of the season the entire team gets to go to a Cardinal game in St.Louis for FREE!