Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Pay Phone

My nephew and I were talking the other day about driving places and his fear of driving in large towns.  I told him to drive in larger towns and/or cities anytime anyone would let me while he's still learning and it'll not be as 'scary' the first time he does it by himself.

Anyway, while we were talking about this I started talking about the summer I drove to New Jersey by myself (I was 19).  I told him I had to stop every 3 to 4 hours to call home so they could track my progress.  Our conversation......

Nephew:  why didn't you just call from the car?

Me:  I didn't have a phone (which got a suprised look from him) so I had to stop at a gas station & use a pay phone.

Nephew:  you had to pay to use a phone?"

Me:  Yep, had to deposit quarters in it to make a call

Then after sitting there a few minutes he asked me:  how did you find your way out there without a phone?

This threw me for a second and then I laughted (I realized he was talking GPS on our phones).  I still have an atlas in my car so I pulled it out and gave it to him.  Talk about a puzzled look.  Guess I need to teach him how to read a map!