Saturday, February 20, 2010

Sesser-Valier 1st Grade is Undefeated!

I got to rise and shine early this Saturday morning to attend a basketball game/tourney for the Sesser-Valier Devils 1st Graders and I thought my bleacher days had ended for the season....well, here is the events of the morning.
If you like to see more pictures from the game (there's only about 300 of them) be sure to check out my photography website - just click here.
Matthew had stole the ball from Waltonville (he's #2 by the way)

Oops, he doesn't quite have that dribble thing down yet and ran past the ball.

Defense, Defense

The one smiling in the front is Matt's buddy Michael E. Not sure what Michael found so amusing but he smiled through most of the game.

What more is there to say?
He was running so hard he couldn't stop and ran into his own player :D

Go Matthew Go

If you remember the pictures of Johnathon playing basketball, well I guess the tongue thing is an inherited trait - notice below that Matt's is sticking out.
Stole the ball

Wild dribble and lost the ball....
Give it to me, give it to me
They are only first graders and can't dibble well therefore they let the kids literally carry the ball. The ref's were really only there to make sure they're going in the right direction. Yet Matthew managed to get multiple fouls called on him.....hmmmmm

Not sure what this move is called
Celebrating Michael E (one of his best buds) breakaway lay-up. Good Job Michael!

......and the awards - each child received a metal (Sesser won both games!!)
Your victorious 1st grade Devils!
Great Job today Matthew and congrats on your two wins!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Outstanding Display!

So a few weekends ago I spent literally the ENTIRE weekend on Johnathon's Science Fair Project. I didn't have the pleasure of doing one of these in school so I spent an hour researching what he didn't know about the project online. Then several hours researching what he was suppose to research to write the paper and so on and so on. After helping him write the project paper, we got to start the fun part late Sunday afternoon - the display board!
His project was the effect of fertilizer on bean plant growth - exciting stuff!
The prep work....Johnathon planting the bean seeds and measuring the plant growth.

Just in case you were wondering the final results of the experiment......granular slow-release fertilizer grew the best. Which by the way was his hypothesis (pure guess on his part), I would have guessed the liquid fertilizer after reading all the research since we only measured growth for 4 weeks.

The planting, growing, measuring of the beans wasn't really my cup of tea. But once that was done and I got involved, come on -that display board is just a really big scrapbook page! Wish I would have got involved sooner and his display board would have really rocked! This was the best I could do on short notice.

"The Display Board"

Love the header that I hand drew a bean plant on???? You know you love it!

I was a little disappointed that I didn't take into account that the header slipped down on the board and I drew the one bean plant behind the board fold - won't make that mistake again next year. You can't see the roots of the plant on the right and the roots were the best part of the plant drawing.

.....and the results of our hard work - Outstanding Display!!!

When Johnathon called me to tell me how he/we did, after saying congrats my first question was "is that the highest reward given". His answer was nope, so-and-so got Best of Show. My response was that next year we're going for Best of Show then....Johnathon's response - "that's okay, outstanding display was good enough". Way to set goals there Spiff!

He was given a trophy and $20!

If you're friends with me on Facebook you've already seen most of this.....sorry for the repeat, but I had to share the great news again!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Commericals and Good Food

I'm taking a quick break from Super Bowl food prep to update you on my recent where abouts.
On the menu tonight - Italian Beef with horseradish, artichoke dip, toasted ravioli, teriyaki glazed chicken wings (soooo can't wait for these to come out of the oven), along with chips & dips.

I spent ALL of yesterday doing research on the internet for a couple of upcoming weddings. When I say all day I'm talking from 8am until after midnight last night - my body needed a break from the computer today. I had a consult with another bride today on a beach themed reception - should be fun, hope to get to venture out a little on this one! As of right now I'm booked for May, June, and I believe July along with one in November. I have a few photography events coming up too, but still have lots of available openings for picture sessions.

My real work (at least the one which pays the most) is still extremely busy - first of the year isn't a good time for accountants. Well, I'd better go check on the food and I think I hear a commerical break!!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Stirrer Stick

Moving around rather slowly this today, I awoke with a sinus headache - again. I made my 1st cup of coffee after arriving to work and set it on my desk to cool and logged into my computer. While completing my morning farming chores (eyes fully on the computer screen) I pick up my coffee cup to take the first drink. Unfortunately I forgot to take the stirrer stick I lift the coffee cup I jam the stirrer stick up my nose!

Couple of lessons learned here:
* always remove stirrer from cup
* take a second to look at what your about to drink
* don't drink and farm