Sunday, February 7, 2010

Commericals and Good Food

I'm taking a quick break from Super Bowl food prep to update you on my recent where abouts.
On the menu tonight - Italian Beef with horseradish, artichoke dip, toasted ravioli, teriyaki glazed chicken wings (soooo can't wait for these to come out of the oven), along with chips & dips.

I spent ALL of yesterday doing research on the internet for a couple of upcoming weddings. When I say all day I'm talking from 8am until after midnight last night - my body needed a break from the computer today. I had a consult with another bride today on a beach themed reception - should be fun, hope to get to venture out a little on this one! As of right now I'm booked for May, June, and I believe July along with one in November. I have a few photography events coming up too, but still have lots of available openings for picture sessions.

My real work (at least the one which pays the most) is still extremely busy - first of the year isn't a good time for accountants. Well, I'd better go check on the food and I think I hear a commerical break!!

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