Thursday, July 1, 2010

Summer Sports

It's official - I'm on vacation for a week! Unfortunately it's going to be a working vacation, good thing is that I'll be working on my house and editing pictures and working on my house some more and taking a few pictures and then working on my house!

We're within the final few days of regular season baseball/softball and then in a week the tournaments will start. Here are a few pics of the kids season (if you're friends with me on facebook you've probably already seen these. Sorry, haven't had time to edit any others so I'm posting the same ones).

A series of Johnathon hitting the ball.....rounding 1st......and 3rd base.....


Oh I forgot to mention the bases just happened to be loaded when he hit that ball in deep right field.....GRAND SLAM BABY!!!

Yah, he was a little excited along with the entire team who ran out of the dugout.

Katie hits the ball (and throws the batt - almost got an automatic out)....rounding 3rd base....
HOMERUN!!!! Running those bases wears you out!
Exciting game, can't you tell?? at first......called safe at home by the umpire, aka her father, but in my personal opinion I think she was out.


Short stop caught a pop fly to end the game with a WIN, just liked this picture with Katie (left #7) and Carlie and the coach celebrating her great catch!

Matthew 'cheesing' for me on first base right before the game started.

Matthews hits the ball deep in centerfield....rounding the bases

......Matthew hits a HOMERUN!!

Oops, missed that one....
Tagged out the runner.......and then in "deep thought"?

This one isn't related to me, just lives down the road though - he's one of the kids on Michaels team - Big D caught a pop fly/line drive quite by surprise.

......and this is what summer baseball is all about
Just look at the joy on Big D's face!

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