Friday, June 18, 2010

Crisis Averted

Just a quick update - the fridge mishap from yesterday has been resolved without having to frame a larger (36") door on my house. Once all the great minds gathered last night, took a few measurements, removed the front door off it hinges........

.....the basic answer to our dilemma was to remove the fridge doors making it 31 and 3/4 inch deep, I have a 32'" door. When we pushed the storm door (ugly storm door) open all the way it pressed against the brick and broke one of the glass panels. When we started to move the fridge in it was determined that the storm door needed to be removed to give us enough clearance to get the fridge in (water hose was going to catch in back). The door was ugly and with it now missing glass panels it's not going back on, see we killed two birds with one stone - didn't like that door to begin with :)

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