Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Book Review - Twilight

Sorry I haven't been on here in FOREVER. I've been without internet at home and have been waaaaay too busy at work to "play". We should be getting our new internet satellite hooked up this week!! As soon as I have internet service at home again I promise to get back to regular posts. I've been catching some heat from the Aunts for my lack of posts. This will just have to hold you over for a short period of time until I'm hooked up and running again.
I was off during Christmas and New Years, with all of the deaths that happened in our family over the past year I'd describe this Christmas as "reserved". My mother woke up Christmas morning sick so we had to cancel the Galloway Christmas and there was just something missing from the Shurtz's on Christmas Eve.
I ended up with a bad sinus infection the day after Christmas that didn't clear up until after New Years. The sinus infection caused some major issues with vertigo that landed me in bed literally for a week. Everytime I tried to even sit up I was dizzy!
The only good thing to come from that was that I had 7 days of laying in bed READING!! It was the only thing I could do other than watch TV. I had put off reading the four book Twilight saga because of the fact that it was advertised as a tween series and I thought I'd find it well, boring. In the 7 days of laying around I read the entire 4-book saga TWICE. I absolutely loved it. I'm letting others read my books right now but plan to read it again when I get them back....loved it!! I really,really hope that Stephanie Meyer continues that series - at least one more book. It was written in a way that I feel like the characters are real and I want to know what happens next, I'm not satisfied with where the story ends. I'm a junkie, I want more..... I haven't seen the movie and probably won't until it's released on DVD. The only cast member that somewhat fit my mental picture is Bella so I'm not holding much hope for loving the movie. I'll admit I typically enjoy the book much more than I like the movie rendition. In fact I can't name a single movie which I'd read the book first that I like the movie any where near as much as the book.
On a personal note, not much else has really gone on since I posted last. I've taken quite a few more pictures which I promise to get up on the other blog sometime next week. Last weekend was a bridal show in Murphysboro. I decorated the booth for Joyce's Bridal (Aunt Eileen) and will be doing that again this weekend in Marion for them. The booth in Marion should look pretty darn good, I'll be sure to get pics up of it. Arielle will be modeling at that one too.
I've got 5 weddings booked to decorate and 2 to photography already this year along with decorating a graduation party in May and most of the seniors I took pics of in the fall want spring pictures. So needless to say I should be keeping pretty busy....big shock to you all I know. Just booked my reservation in Destin, Florida for my cousins wedding the last weekend in June......now time to DIET, can't hang out on a beach in Florida without wearing a bathing suit and this body the way it looks right now isn't getting anywhere near a bathing suit.
Well, I think that's enough of an update at the present time. I'll be in touch again soon....promise! Oh yah, didn't get Christmas cards done this year - sorry.


  1. Who is getting married? Did I miss some news again? I wouldn't be surprised if I had.

  2. Well that was a good surprise when I sat down tonoght I always check as you well know so thanks for the mood pickup!!