Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Ever After

I decorated the booth for Joyce's Bridal again this year for the annual Ever After Bridal Show. I think this was the best turn out they've had for the event since I've been decorating. I gave out a lot of business cards.....hopefully I'll get some business from it!!
Above is the completed booth, just didn't have the candles lit yet. With the exception of the mannequins and clothing, everything else was in my car!!
I really should have taken a pic of my car.

I made this sign Saturday night with my Cricut and vinyl sheeting. The longest part of the process was lining all the letters up on the canvas board. I'm happy with the way it turned out.

I love my Cricut. If you craft at all it's a very worthy investment. Actually I just recently upgraded to the largest Cricut and will be selling my smaller one....so if you know anyone interested. It's in excellent condition.

I was told we'd be using brown since it's still so popular and I made the suggestion to put lime/kiwi green with it. My suggestion wasn't met with much enthusiasm but I personally love the outcome of the green & brown. I think all involved were pleasantly surprised at how good the two colors look together. Just think what this would look like with fresh flowers....lime green hydrangea and button poms and green roses and and green goddess calla lily and bells of Ireland....

Arielle again modeled during the fashion show. I was really far away so my pics aren't that great but you'll get the idea. Of course she looked great....

Good news, while Arielle's pic was uploading I checked my email - I have two people who have contacted me from the show!!


  1. Not surprised at all - you always do good work. I think the colors are beautiful together and I'm not a big fan of green. Love it!! Nice job!

  2. Absolutely beautiful. You do an amazing job decorating. I can't imagine any other booths looked that good. I really like the brown with the green.