Thursday, January 22, 2009

Plug for Schwans

By the time I left work last night I had no desire to go into Kroger's with a hundred other people buying their dinner and decided to head home in hopes of finding something at the house to fix. While my heart was set on rotisserie chicken, the only chicken at the house was this.....
I do admit to living in the country and it is technically a farm and this is our chicken.....this is not however what I think of when I want a whole fryer to cook. I will feed, water, and collect the eggs from the chickens. I WILL NOT butcher and clean them - I'll not eat chicken if that's what is required. I'm not a "farm" girl, just live on one.

So, since the whole fryer was obviously out of the question I dug through the freezer until I found a package of beef tips in gravy from Schwan's. We love these any way you fix them. Last night I turned it into a stir fry with frozen Asian vegetables and rice. Dinner was ready in under 15 minutes and tasted great! You've got to try these.
You can order Schwan's from their website. They'll deliver the food to your doorstep even if you're not home (they pack it in a freezer bag)! How cool is that.

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