Sunday, March 1, 2009

Basketball, Baseball & Ambulances

I was able to complete the decorating of the church and reception hall Friday which just left the fresh flower arrangements to do Saturday morning. My friend delivered those to the bride so that I could get to Johnathon's last basketball game of the season.

Sesser just didn't quite have their "A" game and lost to Carterville. Brittany (Johnathon's sister) came home with us to spend the night. She and Johnathon were in the living room playing Wii when we heard a loud scream. Brittany was "swinging the the bat" and twisted wrong, dislocating her knee.

We weren't able to move her without causing a lot of pain so we called 9-1-1. Not only did an ambulance show up but also the first responders with Sesser Fire & Rescue and a Sesser Policeman. In all there were 5 vehicles for one little girl with a knee cap on the side of her knee instead of in front.

The doc's in Herrin were able to pop the knee cap back into place (after sedating Brit) and she has to see a orthopedic surgeon tomorrow morning. Hopefully he'll not see any damage to the ACLU and she'll just have to hobble on crutches for a few weeks.

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  1. oh my goodness! is she ok now?? that would of totally freaked me out!!!!