Thursday, September 18, 2008

Spiced Pumpkin Latte

I just googled the spiced pumpkin latte to do a quick post on the most wonderful drink N and I got at lunch today. Thankfully I was able to find a pic of it, unfortunately I found it on the site that also has the nutritional data on it. My venti latte has 440 calories and 62 g of carbs.
Good grief! I didn't even get whip cream on it.
I'm going to savor every last drop of this, may have to lay off these for a while.
To put this into better prespective, we had mexican at lunch - chips, homemade salsa, layered been dip and the works. I feel like a slug right now.


  1. SKIM MILK ALL THE WAY! Today was a lot o' fun!!!

  2. Ugh, please lets keep that calorie count to ourselves!! I really enjoy my weekly splurge at the Bucks and now that the punkin spice is back, even more. I typicaly get the skinny vanilla latte, so I can be bad thru Christmas.

    I hope it doesn't rain on you. It's raining here today?? Rained yesterday and all night lastnight. But it's nice and cool out today. You know that so funny, I HATE to get my feet wet in grass. It's so yucky and it's sticks to you, YUCK!!!