Friday, September 12, 2008

Football in the rain

Attended another of Wheatley's freshman football games last night, in the RAIN!
Man was it ever nasty out last, humid, constant drizzle - YUCK!
My hair was straight when I went to the game and curly when I left.

Johnathon is now the "official" water boy so not only did I attend the game, I had to get there early and stay the entire game (somewhat comical seeing him with the water bottles which are around 20 lbs each x2 when they're full - they weight almost as much as he does). With the rain I didn't get my camera out and take pics and we lost to top it all off. John had some nice tackles though!

On a good note, I made "Wheatley Fan" buttons. Forgot to bring the file with me to load them. Will get to that later!

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  1. Well I guess I didnt miss much I didnt get out of the store until 7:15 called Frankie for update she told me the news. Your blog spot is great Lindy got on my computer from her house and change whatever so I can now reply..YEA!!!!! Eileen