Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Ripple Baby Afghan

Most recent crochet project completed. A very simple ripple baby afghan which I double stranded my yarn in two different type/weights of yarn to make the project go faster!

Plus I love the way it feels when it's double stranded in baby yarn....super soft. The afghan is larger than most "baby" afghan's so I call it a toddler afghan instead.

When you make a toddler afghan you also have more time to get it done. Love the multi-colored affect but absolutely hate tying off the yarn ends.


  1. Holy crap... in 1 second... the whole looked changed... Love it too! p.s. this made me laugh out loud!!

  2. I was just checking your "live feed"... I wonder why it shows that I'm in "Moutain View (or something close), CA" WE-IR-D :-)

  3. Love the new layout!! And LOVE the afghan!! Reminds me of Grandma.