Monday, February 23, 2009

Weekend Recap

It was another busy weekend around here, no different than usual.

Johnathon had a game Saturday afternoon (Sesser won!) and I spent the rest of the day cleaning and shopping. Sunday was my Pampered Chef party, BIG thanks to all who came. I had a great turn out. Cleaning and partying is the excuse I'm using for not having more basketball pics up. I did get a few edited the other night. Can't wait to post them, there were some good ones in there.

On to the addition to the cheeseburger salad and two dump cakes (chocolate cherry & peach) that my Aunt made, I made a savory sandwich ring, spinach dip with beer bread, and a new Pampered Chef recipe to faux potato skins. The "potato skins" are made with thawed, shredded hash browns pressed into the mini tart pan. In keeping with the taste of the potato skins that a few fellow Com-Pac employees & I LOVE and eat at least once a week at a local BBQ joint, I put BBQ pull pork on the "skin" and topped it with cheese. They were really quite tasty and super simple. While cheeseburger salad may not sound good (it didn't to me I'll admit it) it was really good. It had a similar taste to the taco salad made with Catalina dressing. You basically use all ingredients that you put on a cheeseburger to make the salad. We even toasted the burger buns to make our own croutons.

My whole reason for having the Pampered Chef party was to get the pots & pans that I've wanted since I first attended a PC party, I can't wait to get the show closed and get my new cookware in route to me!! I'm waiting for a few more orders to come in so if you need anything I'll have the show open a few more days.

Here's to a productive week. I have a board meeting to get ready for on Wednesday and I'm decorating a wedding and a bridal show this weekend.....another typical week with hardly anything to do!!

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  1. Glad you had a good turn out. I really almost drove up to attend, but didn't cuz I didn't want to pay for a hotel room for me and my youngins. Anywho, mom said you got a killer deal on a condo in Destin. Do you think you could get mom and me a deal too??? Let me know. If you want me to call you I can.