Thursday, February 12, 2009

Only 3

The dentist did a new 3d x-ray of my mouth and had a large printout of it on the light box. I was looking at it with him and asked where my other top wisdom tooth was at. To my astonishment his reply was that I don't have one, I only developed THREE not four like "normal" people.

I realize most would get upset to hear affirmation that their body is less than perfect, but this was the best news I'd received in a while. This means I have one less tooth to to be cut out of my mouth and that makes me very happy. I was rather surprised though that I didn't know this before. I have my teeth clean 1-2 times a year as recommended and they take pic's of my teeth at least every other year......why am I just now finding out that I'm missing a tooth?

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