Thursday, April 12, 2012

Recipe: Bacon Wrapped Chicken

This is what I had for dinner tonight.......bacon wrapped chicken, oh my.  I saw a variation of this on Pinterest, you can find it HERE she has more detailed directions (with measurements!)

First step is to gather your ingredients:  Chicken Breasts, bacon, brown sugar, honey, can of pineapple chunks in juice, and I used a little BBQ dry rub from a local BBQ joint. 

I foil lined a baking sheet and sprayed it with Pam - basically I didn't feel the need to clean the baking sheet after cooking these and with Pam on the foil they slide off.

Slice the chicken breasts into strips (be sure to trim off as much of the fat as you can), I cut the chicken diagonally.  My chicken breasts were huge, so I then cut each strip in half because they were so thick.  I only used 2 of the breast because I ran out of room on my baking sheet, telling ya they were some big breasts!

Next cut your bacon in half and roll each piece of chicken and place it on the baking sheet.  You don't need anything fancy to keep the bacon in place, it'll stick to the chicken.  Don't over crowd your baking sheet, give them a little breathing room - you don't want them to stick together when you bake them.

After you get all the chicken pieces wrapped in bacon and laid on your baking sheet, I lightly pepper mine.  If you don't like pepper, don't use it.  

I don't use salt - EVER - so I will never tell you to add salt, plus they are wrapped in bacon so they have some salt already (oh I buy the low sodium bacon so my bacon has the minimal amount of salt)

Now for the sauce - I don't have exact measurements, sorry that's just not the way I cook.  Measuring cups only come out when I absolutely have to use them. 

I wisked together 'about' a tablespoon of honey, a couple cereal spoons of brown sugar, about half of the juice from the can of pineapple chunks and several shakes of the dry BBQ rub.  Suggestion, after you wisk together the ingredients - taste it!  If you don't like it now you won't like it on your chicken.

Last time I made it I used a squirt of BBQ sauce instead of the dry rub.  I like the dry rub better but ate all of it last time I made it too so it's not like it was bad.  You could also add a little soy sauce with the pineapple for more of a Hawaiian flair.  Basically you can mix up any type of sauce that you and your family like.  This isn't an exact science.

Now brush your chicken with whatever kind of sauce you decide to use.  I threw in a handful of pineapple chunks.  Next time I'll throw in ALL the pineapple chunks cause I love them.

Bake in a preheated oven at 350 degrees for about 20 minutes (basically until the chicken is done in the middle).  Then turn your oven up to 450 degrees to get the bacon as crispy as you like it.  It took about 15 minutes to get mine to look like this.....

.....and this is what I had for dinner!  Trust me, it was GOOD! 
I mean, come on it's wrapped in bacon - what isn't good wrapped in bacon. 
The chicken will shrink up a little when you bake it, just to let you know.

My aunt happened to stop by for something on her way home from work and decided to eat supper, she really liked it too & asked me to pass the recipe along to her daughter.  I ran a few pieces down to my parents house for them to try, didn't take dad long to eat all I sent down there - I think he was a little disappointed I only took about 5 pieces!

I'll be making this again, no doubt about that.  Hope you enjoy it if you give it a try!

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