Sunday, April 22, 2012

Random Facts

I get ear infections easily, a trait I think I inherited from my father.  Johnathon had two baseball games yesterday and the high temp while we sat there from 11am until almost 4pm was only 50 degrees with a strong northern breeze.  I didn't feel well when I get up yesterday and should have stayed home/inside, I woke up this morning with an nasty ear infection - YUCK.

Johnathon made Varsity baseball, we (Sesser-Valier) co-op with Waltonville in football and baseball.  They play football at SV and for baseball we're the Spartans.  Here are a few pics from this season, when Johnathon gets to play it's typically in center field.  He's gets to pinch run most games (he's fast and likes to steal bases).  He can throw the ball from dead center to home without the ball hoping, meaning no bounce before it gets to the catcher.  He's #27, this is his freshman year and he's a 1/2 an inch shy of 6 feet tall.  We're not sure he's actually hit his growth spurt yet either!

His batting has improved this year.  Pretty sure the major part of the problem he had batting last year was due to an incorrect prescription in his contacts.  Amazing when you can actually see the ball, you have a much better chance of hitting it!

If I'm flipping through channels and find the movie Armageddon is on, about 97 times out of a 100 I'll watch it.  I always cry at the end.  I know Bruce Willis is going to die, but I still cry. (oh, it was on today and of course I watched it)

I HATE folding white socks.  Let me repeat that, I HATE folding white socks.  They tend to sit in a pile on the couch for a few days before I fold them.

Finding men's jeans in 28x33 is darn near impossible - Johnathon needs to gain a little in the waist!

I made blueberry muffins for breakfast this morning and shared one with my puppy.

I order from Schwan's about once a month.  If you haven't tried the "Roasted Baby Bakers" give them a try next time you place your order.  They're probably one of my favorite side dishes from there.  They cook up in less than 20 minutes in the oven on aluminum foil so clean up is quick too.

I think that's enough randomness for one day.  Hope you have a great week!

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