Monday, May 25, 2009


Thank You to all those who have served - past and present!
Happy Memorial Day, I hope everyone gets to spend time with family and friends today. My father took these pictures last year of Maple Cemetery in Sesser. I love when they fly the flags along the roadside, they have them set about every 6 feet apart the entire length of the cemetery.

We're having a few family members over later today for a cookout. I'd better get to it - cooking and cleaning that is. Before I know it people will be arriving and I'll still be on the computer in my pj's drinking coffee :) Arielle requested brats and we're also fixing ribs, hamburgers, cheesy potato casserole, fresh asparagus!!, mac salad (Aunt Eileen), chips & dip, lemon pie and chocolate cake hmmmmm I'm suddenly hungry.

With the overabundance of rain we've had in SoIL over the last couple of months, monument companies have been unable to set headstone footings. So unfortunately my grandmother & grandfather Shurtz's new joint headstone was unable to be placed before Memorial Day here at Maple Hill.

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