Sunday, May 10, 2009

Call me grace

I must tell on myself:

1) I know I should have taken a picture (yes I have a camera), but it was one of those 'oh man I should have taken a pic' moments AFTER I was almost done cleaning up

2) I started on the strawberry cake (which I'll post a recipe for in a bit). I had to get into the 'seasoning' cabinet for vanilla and red food coloring - no big deal right? The vanilla is a huge bottle of Watkins and right in front, easy to get. The red food coloring on the other hand is on the top shelf and in the middle of a lot of other stuff.

Being a little lazy early in the morning I decided to streeeetch instead of getting a chair. Keep in mind I'm only 5'1". Well needless to say my morning stretch wasn't what it should have been and I accidentally hit a bottle of cinnamon hearts (you know, the ones you decorate cupcakes with). Miraculously these fell directly into my fresh cup of coffee sitting on the counter about a MESS.

I had coffee E-V-E-R-Y-W-H-E-R-E the counter, floor, cabinets (top and bottom), Kitchen Aide mixer that was sitting ready to make my cake, butter ready to be beat, cake pans on stove, package of buns patiently waiting for today's lunch, and all over my shirt, pants & socks. Oh yeah, this day is starting off just swell!

Oh I forgot to mention, my Longaberger coffee cup holds 2 1/2 cups of beverage and 85% of it came out of the cup when the cinnamon hearts hit.....and it was a swoosh - no rim!

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  1. Seriously that is something I have done!!! I love it. Hehehehe, glad I'm not the only one.