Thursday, May 28, 2009

6 1/2 G - Lightest Golden Brown

If I ever return to a hairdresser to get highlights I'll be overly explicit on what I consider a HIGHLIGHT. Twice now when I've asked for a few blond/strawberry blond highlights I've ended up with large chunks of dyed hair. This time I have five distinct chunks of blond with the one next to my head extremely blond (but not the rest of them).

I'm not quite sure when highlights strayed from weaving the comb end through your select strands of hair to add light shade variations as though you've been in the sun.......I don't like the newer version of picking up chunks of hair and haphazardly applying color. I want my hair to have the appearance of looking natural, not like someone attempted to create some masterpiece (gone terribly wrong) on my head.

So before I head to graduation it's L'Oreal to the rescue!

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