Monday, November 3, 2008

Editing Pics

Sorry I haven't been in blogland for a while. Things have been crazy busy around here. After the super hectic weekend with the outdoor wedding/Homecoming/cousin's wedding/cousin's retirement party/church decorating craze, I've done 5 seniors photo sessions and one engagement session. I love taking the pictures but editing them takes FOREVER and has been literally consuming all of my time!

Bottom line is that I'm going to have to figure out a way to decrease my workflow editing time. I have recently downloaded some tools from www. to help me with this, hopefully they work the way intended and don't add to my problem. To compound the situation I'm still extremely new to Photoshop CS3 and trying to self teach myself as I go along. I find I'm on the internet quite a bit looking up things, it's amazing how quickly time just vanishes when you're researching something on the internet.....

I've also noticed that I don't want to delete any of the pictures - most def going to have to get over this. I take a LOT of pics when I shoot a session which in part is due to inexperience in knowing exactly what shot I want and trusting that I actually got it. But then when I'm editing them I don't want to delete any of them even though many aren't near as good as the others, ughhhh I hate learning curves - I'm ready to be good at this!

Well enough of that, I think you get the picture as to where I've "been" lately. It's Monday morning and a new month which means I have lots and lots to do at CPI World Headquarters. So I'm sitting here drinking my second cup of Joe and blogging!!

I helped a friend move this weekend and now get to help decorate her new place - Hooray for Amy! I love decorating and can't wait to get started on that. She has to get a new couch and we're (being me, lol) thinks she needs a crimson red couch/sectional, so that's my other job for the week - find a red couch or sectional that I, oops she will like!

Well I think that's enough of my life at current for right now.
Have a great week!

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