Friday, April 1, 2011

Worth It?

Last summer I agreed to get Johnathon a cell phone in return for him mowing my yard all summer.

He and I were having dinner a couple nights ago after his Freshman orientation and he tells me "If you want to" you could get me an iphone for my 8th grade graduation and I'll mow your lawn this summer. Little did he know it was already decided he'd be mowing, I just didn't realize that it'd cost me an iphone!

After an initial response of "I don't think so", I'm actually considering his proposal. His current plan has a limited internet service on it already so the iphone after initial purchase will cost me approximately $15/month more or $180 per year. What are the chances that I'd find lawn service for the year for $180?? So will his 8th grade graduation include an iphone?

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