Tuesday, October 5, 2010

In a People House

"Come inside, Mr. Bird," said the Mouse.
"I'll show you what there is in a people house...."

While this wasn't my favorite Dr. Seuss book, it was Michael's and I read it to him over and over and over. Sunday Johnathon and I were unloading wedding decorations from the night before, carrying some stuff inside while other boxes were unloaded to the garage.

Johnathon came running out of my house with big wild eyes telling me there was a bird in my kitchen! I finish dealing with what ever I was unpacking and went inside to check it out.....he was right, there was a little chickadee in my house.

Johnathon and I attempted for a few minutes to direct it out the front door - unsuccessfully of course. So I went home and got reinforcements. I'm glad there wasn't a hidden camera in my house as dad, Johnathon, John Greyson and myself got the bird out of the people house. Then again a video would have been comical to watch!

The bird made it safely out and "In a People House" still isn't one of my favorite books (come on, it's about a bird and mouse running through your house)!

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