Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I see the light!

The past two, rather three months have been a little hectic (all my own fault of course). I'll now admit, working full-time and decorating three weddings in two weeks was just a little much :) I have table decor for 12 tables to do for a 50th anniversary party this weekend and two photos sessions next weekend and then I think I'll have a couple of weeks off! I think I may take a few days off from work without having a reason to be off - ME days, I think I've earned a few of them.

My plans for the next month are to get a new dvd burner for the ole computer and start burning the heck out of disks with pictures so I can get them off my computer. It was brought to my attention a few weeks back that I'm OUT of hard disk space on my computer (and I have an 80gig hard drive!) I've been saving the raw pic file along with the edited pic files and I take a LOT of pictures and well my computer is completely full and bogged down with pictures. So I'm going to do some much needed maintenance to clean up the computer so I can edit all of the pictures from this summer.......I'm literally talking about several 1000 pictures - I told you I take a lot of pictures.

And while I'm not sitting on my butt in front of the computer, I've decided to 'make-over' the middle/big section of the barn. My decorating inventory has grown too large for the little garage in front of the house. I've considered renting storage space uptown or purchasing a pre-built storage shed but then realized that I'd spend just as much if not more on those two options and end up with much, much less space.

So I'm going to fix/replace all missing and or broken boards, build some shelves for storing vases/fabric/tablecloths/flowers/etc..., level the ground and pour a concrete floor, run some electricity (someone else will have to do this part - Dad), build a door, and possibly build a loft. The middle section is the tallest, as is with most barns, and there will be a lot of wasted space if we don't have a loft area - well, unless we hang things from the rafters - don't really see that as a option. I'll be sure to take before and after pictures when this project gets started. I love to remodel/redesign and build things and can't wait, of course once it gets started and feels like it will never end I doubt I'll be as excited about the undertaking.

Johnathon starts practice Monday for school junior high baseball. Which means that another series of baseball games (and pictures) will begin in a few weeks - about the time school starts.

My above to do list needs to be done before my next busy time which starts with a wedding on Sept 19th to decorate along with all floral, my 20th reunion (which I'm decorating of course) on Sept 26th which is also the Wine & Art Festival so I'll have to help at Mom's shop some, a wedding on Oct 3rd to photograph and help with some decor, and a wedding to decorate on Oct 10th along with all floral. Of course the quarter ends in September so in October I'll have to have the quarterly financials done once again also.

I have a feeling it's going to be 2010 very, very quickly!

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