Monday, July 20, 2009


Let me start by saying that the two wedding/receptions this past weekend KICKED by BUTT! I didn't attempt to get out of my bed until after 9am yesterday morning (I'm usually awake before 6 and out of bed by 7 at the latest even on weekends) and then moved in sloooooow motion all day yesterday.

Lindsey & Ben's "orange/beach" reception came together as I'd mentally pictured it, so I was happy. My only regret is that I ran out of time to get one of their wedding pictures professionally printed (aka NOT Walmart). Kris, the mother of the bride, was extremely happy and passed along how impressed everyone was with the decorations. The tables were covered in orange satin with sea shells scattered all over the tables and two alternating centerpieces - 1 floral and the other a candle set in sand.

The other wedding/reception this past weekend was the "yellow/lemon" reception set for 350 guests. Holy cow was it ever a LOT of work. When all was said and done though it was worth it - I think it's my favorite 'decorating' job thus far. I'd shown Ashlee & Bryan literally hundreds of pictures of black/white/yellow decorations that I downloaded from the internet, after a couple of meetings we settled on 3 alternating centerpieces and a few other elements to make their wedding special. I must say I think I nailed it dead on.

I owe a BIG THANKS to all who helped prep stuff the week before, setup on Friday, arrange flowers on Saturday, tear down late Saturday night and cleanup on Sunday - Mom, Dad, Johnathon (great helper with lots of energy!), Aunt Eileen (who hand washed every vase for me Sunday even thought I wanted to put them in the dishwasher), Brenda, Staci, Arielle, Bethany, Julie & Nina. Without a great support system there's absolutely no way I could do this! So thanks again!

Sorry there aren't any pictures yet, like I said I was spent yesterday. I did manage to accomplish a few things while moving in slow motion: rearranged the garage a little, segregated out what decorations I'll need for the wedding this weekend, put away a few items I won't be using again soon, and washed about 6 loads of tablecloths (only about 12 more loads to go - which I need this weekend!)

I have a full week but will try to get pictures posted soon.

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