Thursday, March 1, 2012

Basketball overview (2010-2011 Junior High Season)

I'm really late with this post - I thought I'd done it already actually. These are from Johnathon's 8th grade year (last year - oops, he's a Freshman now with only a few weeks of school left - hey, I said it was really late!). At the end of the season, I did storyboards for all the 8th grade boys and an album for the coach.  Above is Johnathon's storyboard - it was printed on as a 16x16.  The storyboards were given to the boys at their last home game (8th grade night) by their parents.  The parents selected the pictures and size of the storyboards, they all did the standout mounting so they could hang them as is on the wall without needing frames.

Now for the album for the coach, the opening page:

I did a 2-page spread for each of the 8th graders (8 of them).  Below are a few examples of the pages.

After the individual players pages, I did a 2-page spreads of all the kids on the Varsity team - just a mixture of the boys as the season went on.

There were 18 2-page spreads in total along with the cover & back page.  I had a signature page in the middle of the book for all of them to write a special message to the coach.  I took the book to the game before their last and let the boys and all the parents look at the book.  I wasn't sure I was going to get it back - the boys looked at it at least 20 times each that night.  Then they presented it to the coach at the the banquet after their last home game.  It was funny watching them watch him look at the book, they each had to show him and explain the pictures on their page.

They were a great 8th grade team, they won regionals at Pinckneyville and got a chance to play in State.  Unfortunately their first game at State didn't go as we'd hoped but we were all very proud of them.  It was a great season with a great group of boys!

Looking back at these pictures I can't believe how young they look and how much they've changed in just one year.  Looking forward to watching them over the next few years. 

Hoping we have a repeat to State before they graduate!

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