Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Taking a stroll down memory lane

They say a dog doesn't have the ability to distinguish time. Which is why they're always happy to see you even if you just walk into the house and then back out again - they can't quantify the passing of time.

I was at work at 6:15 this evening when I got a call that Dad had fallen down the steps at the side of the house (these would be the same steps Mom fell down this winter, remember the post Here Kitty, Kitty). I immediately shut down my computer and headed home since Johnathon was there by himself. Upon arriving home I learned that Johnathon and Dad had been searching for Gator most of the day. Having visited all the neighbors with no luck, they were pumped when the vet called early this evening telling them someone had found Gator.

In the excitement of finding a lost dog, Dad lost his footing going down the steps and landed on the very expensive knee that was replaced about a year ago and hit his shoulder pretty hard on the pavement. So Mom took Dad to the ER to make sure everything was still as it should be.

When I listened to the vets message on the answering machine after being prompted by Johnathon as to what had happened, I called the # of the person reported to have Gator and asked if I could come pick him up. She said 'of course, anytime' and explained to me where she lived. I guess Gator decided to go looking for Aunt Pat this morning. Unable to find her he walked his old path to Grandma's house. He was a block south of Grandma's when a Valier resident spotted this large dog walking very slowly down the road and enticed him into their yard.

They fed and watered him. Determined to not call the pound, they found the tag on his collar and called the vet (who later figured out to call us....Gator's still listed with Aunt Pat as the contact - grateful for a small town today and the fact that they knew who to call). The couple whom Gator spent the day with was very nice and treated him well, but he was super excited to see Johnathon and I and almost knocked me over to get into the truck.

I don't think Gator was running away, he was just taking a stroll down memory lane - searching for ghosts. They say a dog can't quantify time.......he may have thought when he left this morning for Valier that he'd find a couple old friends.
Dad's shoulder is sprained and bruised but nothing appears to be broken and the knee still works. My parents decided on the way home from the ER that hand rails on the side steps needs to go on the top of the 'To Do' list. Gator's home safe and sound, I don't think he found what he was looking for.


  1. Oh goodness...I shouldn't have read this at work. It made me cry. I know I wasn't as close to Grandma or Aunt Pat as some of the other grandkids, but I miss them both so much. They were both awesome ladies, and that is one awesome dog.

  2. wonderful beautiful post Amy G.