Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Missing in Action

Sorry I haven't been on blogland for a few days, things have been BUSY!!

I did three little photo sessions this weekend that I still need to get edited and posted. I'm decorating/catering/photographing an outdoor wedding on Saturday that is mentally draining me (and it's only 80 guests). The flowers are coming in tomorrow and we're putting the three tents up on Thursday. I know everything will turn out great, I'm just in that nervous/anxious state right now. So much of what I do at weddings I can't prep and do in advance.....so by the weekend before the event until I get to start decorating I'm always stressed to the max.

In addition to the outdoor wedding on Saturday, my cousin is also getting married (which I'll just have time to stop at the reception to do my congrats), my cousin on the other side of the family is retiring and having a retirement party (which I'm also decorating!!), and two of my favorite cousins are both senior queen candidates for Homecoming which has their coronation late Saturday evening. Saturday should just be one fun-filled day!

Sunday I'll have to do clean-up (tent/table/chair removal) from the outdoor wedding and then I'll start all over on Monday. I'm meeting with another cousin Monday morning to look at a site for her wedding reception next summer and then I've got a senior pic session in the afternoon and photography class that night. I already have three photo sessions booked for next weekend and two for the weekend after that!!

Like I said at the beginning of this, I've been BUSY. I don't see a point in the near future in which I'm going to slow down but I've LOVING every minute of it!!


  1. well, you are going to be one busy girl... glad all is going well for you and hope your weekend is great!

  2. Looked at Drakes picture dosc and I was so excited if Ava's are half as good as those I will be soooo excited. The ones on your site don't even come close to how great the photos are I loved them ... Great Job. Let me know when you go to clean up I can help I am a great goffer...