Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Love my Starbucks

Just ran out for my afternoon Starbucks with my friend. Of course we made it into a business "outing" as to not get into trouble! I think bucks puts something into their coffee that makes it addictive, why else would we crave these so?


  1. They are closing two by my house, not that I won't have 4 more to choose from once they close, but DANG, the ones that are closest and have a drive thru.

  2. I bet I know who you went to the bucks with? Hmmm...this one is easy. There is only one other person that could be as addicted as you to LATTE'S!

  3. So glad Mando found you! haha. I'm laughing hysterically over her comment... Love the Bucks!